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Mid fifties couple is looking for ONE single well built male, that is open minded to bi oral, honest, clean, sane, discrete and looking for a long term friendship. Must be between 40-65, mature, have between 5-7” and be able to stay good and hard. Cuckold games might be involved. Huge cummers would be a plus. You will meet with the husband first if we’re interested. A discrete place to host is also a huge bonus. We are NOT looking for players, not looking for love…just friendship & VERY hot & open-minded sex. We are new to this, but have had just a little & want much more. She has had a sexual awakening and is very anxious to find the right guy, but we must take a little time to email, exchange hot pics/videos & wants etc. If you can’t be very patient, please don’t respond. We don’t want rude & pushy. A little wine etc is fine, but not looking for drunks either. We WILL be picky…very picky until we find what we want…and need. Believe me, we are for real & know what we want & ARE going through with this. Please respond by putting MEETING in the subject line & some body, hard photos or tribute videos to impress us would be nice… & if interested, we will respond back. We are a little over weight, but not too much. Want to meet maybe once a month or so, we’ll just have to see how it works out. We LOVE video tributes.



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